MBBA  Mission

Our PASSION an d our PURPOSE are in complete alignment with those we intend to partner with and service.
We are a volunteer army of Beauty Entrepreneurs who have banded together to help lift one another up and support and guide each other to success, as it pertains to each Freelance Makeup Artist, Salon, Spa, Beauty School, Dance Studio, etc.
While we are branded with a high-end, truly exclusive cosmetic brand, we are not limited to those products or resources. Motives Cosmetics is just one division of a larger product brokerage company, which has access to products and services across multiple billion dollar industries. Therefore, as a perk or a benefit of leveraging Motives Cosmetics, you'll also have the availability and privilege to leverage any additional products or services as it fits into your existing business structure.
For instance, perhaps you need help with your online presence or website optimization - we can outsource that within our own organization and connect you with the best team, who offered the best platform in that industry. Maybe you've struggled with maximizing your ROI with each of your existing clients because you're not sure how to capitalize on professional quality skincare products. We got you covered. We can all agree that anyone spending money on a professional service is also doing their due diligence with at home maintenance. Why not offer them a personalized regimen of skincare products that are going to offer them the solution they are looking for. Much of the time, external skin struggle is  a refection of an internal issue, so why not educate them on Beauty from the Inside Out and offer them a science based product that provides true results?! We even have affiliations with client loyalty programs that will keep your new clients coming back through our Shop Local program. 

We only offer exclusive products that can't not be found or purchased in any traditional retail setting. Furthermore, once a client is linked to you with a personalized profile, their online orders will always be re-directed to you (even if they go on another's website)

We've created a platform to truly pave the way to empower traditional business owners to be able to capitalize on additional products and services that will only further enhance their existing structure both in exclusivity and income.

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