mbba agenda

Friday: 5 - 8 pm


Evolution of the Beauty Industry

Why Motives & Solutions

Branding YOU  Online & in Person


Complete Personality Profile

Motives Mix & Mingle Meetup

(in the Hotel Lobby / Restaurant & Bar Area to Network)

Saturday: 10 am  5 pm

9:30 Registration

Know Your Market / Know Your Competition

Selling a Solution / System

 Partnership Options & Product Pairings

 Positioning Yourself for Success / I Am, I Implement

People, Personalities & Passion

 Approaches & Selling the Appointment

Communication & Implementation

Conducting a Discovery Meeting & Offering a Proposal

 Account Set-Up / Implementation Meeting / On-going Support


Complete Skincare Analysis

Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

 9:30 Registration

Beauty From the Inside Out 

Love the Skin You’re In

 SKIN: As an Organ,

Understanding Skin Types, Identifying Skin Conditions

Customizing Client Regimens

Live Facials

Advanced Skincare Science & Selling in Systems

 Leveraging Education to Provide Solutions & Secure Sales with MUST HAVE Products

Monday: 10 am – 3 pm

  9:30 Registration

Novice to Professional 

Sanitation, Station Set-Up, Client Consultation

Color Theory / Lighting & Photos

Client Relationship

Live Demonstration

Selling as an Extension of Service  

RECAP & Plan of Action

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