Culture code

As with any business, before you get started,

you will need to have a clear understanding on what your goals are, who you intend to service,

what your competitive edge will be, the type of culture you intend to create, etc.. 

We believe that if we 'Start with Why', the How and the What

become more clear and simpler for those we intend to serve to understand.

 If you are willing to be transparent about it in an effort to impact and empower others

.People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. 

When thinking about this, don’t make it about money - that is the result.

Think about your purpose, cause or belief. WHY are you doing what you are doing? 

Once your staff truly understands this, their daily actions and interactions will dictate the culture of your business.

It will be a natural and organic progression that will ultimately dictate the set the tone for every Client's experience. 

The magic happens when your WHY as a Beauty Entrepreneur is in alignment with our WHY as a company and support system, which is easy because our Why is seeing your Why come into fruition.

When your internal team (like your Staff / Stylists) and any external consultants (like our Professional Beauty Advisors)

are all focused on this, the emotional connection for customers becomes natural and there is a level of loyalty that emerges on all ends that creates a culture that is fulfilling and the type of personal and professional success that you've always dreamed of. .

"To have an extraordinary life you must have an extraordinary psychology. 

To have an extraordinary psychology you must live in an extraordinary state. 

To be in an extraordinary state, you must condition your nervous system,

your body, your psychology and your focus to be at there best."  - Tony Robbins


Truly, we are a brand that prides itself on offering not only the best products in the marketplace,

but an incredible opportunity through education and ongoing support  to create the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Success within our Academy is a series of small steps taken consistently.

The little things add up to the big things and that is what creates duplication when done effectively.

It is our hope that with this curriculum and support to back your initiatives,

you’ll know what series of small steps you need to take to achieve maximum impact within your business! 

So embrace the journey and take pride in the fact that we are in control of our future

and we can’t help but succeed when we have the right system,

most effective tools, and best products in the industry!

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