evolution of the beauty industry

Knowledge truly is power and we want to help keep you ' in the know' so that you, too, can evolve for the best and stay not only relevant, but cutting edge and profitable. 

Leigh Raeder is a Field Consultant for Motives and also a key contributor as part of our focus group who worked together to build this curriculum, here series below is enlightening and empowering!

Tune in:

If this is resonating with you and you want to learn about what you can do to truly stand out as a freelance entrepreneur or as a traditional business owner in the beauty industry, then we'd love to connect and hopefully meet you at our next event!  Submit your details below and we will be in touch. xx

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I'm Passionate about Skin
I Love Makeup
I want Beauty from Within
I'm always evolving & growing
I'm drawn to this community / culture
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