Motives pro-account program

Professional service based businesses (such as Salons, Spas, Cheer Academies, Dance Studios, etc.)

have the opportunity to partner with Motives in this capacity and purchase product at a distributor cost and earn income 2 ways.  

First, there will be an immediate profit gained as a result of purchasing at a distributor cost and selling to their clients at suggested retail.

In addition, they can get paid a commission on the volume of product they are using / selling through their distributorship.

Think of this as traditional advertising dollars being allocated differently.

Instead of a company / brand spending millions of dollars on traditional forms of advertising (like TV, Radio, Billboards, Magazine ads, etc)

our company commissions us on the back-end for a RESULT, which is the sale of exclusive product. The more product we use and sell

as a result of successful incorporation into your existing business structure, the more income you'll earn.

The most beneficial part of this program is the guidance and support offered both to you as a business owner

and your clients from an education standpoint. Our Salon Consultants will teach your staff how to organize,

promote and conduct exclusive workshops for your clients, educating them on makeup application, beauty from the inside out,

and even how to protect their investment of your service menu through daily use of cutting-edge, exclusively branded products. 

This is truly a turn key system that is offered and when paired with the proper business partner, the results are absolutely incredible.

Ancillary Stream of Income                                 

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